Animal Behaviour Therapy

Portrait of a dogAre you concerned about your pet’s anxiety or their aggressive behaviour? Knowing how to ethically train your pet and treat their behavioural problems can be very challenging.

At Avenue Veterinary Centre we will provide you and your pet with a specialised service to firstly diagnose your pet’s behavioural problem, then to create a treatment programme of both medical and behavioural therapies to improve the situation.

Behavioural problems can be caused by a variety of factors. Our priority is to firstly determine if your pet’s behavioural problem is caused by an underlying medical condition. If an underlying medical condition is found we have excellent facilities to provide you and your pet with rapid diagnosis and treatment.

It is very important to understand the history of your pet’s behaviour to be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Animal BehaviourZoe Price, until recently worked as our head nurse here at the Avenue Veterinary Centre and is a qualified Animal Behaviourist. In June 2015 Zoe decided on a career change and set up BARK Ltd ~ working full time as behaviourist, trainer and dog walker specialising in adolescent and rescue dogs. Zoe completes a thorough consultation with you and your pet to try and find the cause of the problem, often meeting you where the difficulties most commonly occur, such as in your home or out on walks. Zoe combines her medical experience with specialist knowledge of canine and feline behaviour, providing you with a pragmatic solution to improve your pet’s behaviour.

She will then create a treatment programme of both medical and behavioural therapies to restore harmony between you and your pet.

If you would like more information have a look at the BARK Ltd website  Zoe can be contacted for advice on your pets behaviour or to book a primary consultation by mobile on 07791 696308 or e-mail on