Do you ever worry about paying for your pet’s veterinary bills? 

Playful kittyDid you know 1 in 3 pets will need major veterinary attention each year? At Avenue Veterinary Centre the majority of emergency cases we see usually need immediate medical and surgical treatment.

Veterinary care of this type can be very expensive to provide and owners are left worrying about how much it could cost them. Do you ever worry about being able to pay for your pet’s veterinary bills?

In the UK 1 in 6 pet owners have insurance and this statistic is growing fast.

If you have insured your pet and they need emergency surgery, you don’t need to worry about how much it could cost you as your insurance should cover the costs of your veterinary bill, giving you complete peace of mind.

Usually a policy will pay for the cost of veterinary treatment for illness or accident, as well as third party liability and accidental damage caused by your pet.

Before choosing a policy there are different aspects you should consider:

  • The level of cover you require
  • Do you want to pay large excess bills to reduce your monthly payment?
  • What you want your policy to cover?
  • Do you want lifetime cover, or cover that lasts a year for each condition?
  • Do you want your insurance to include additional benefits (for example: recovery costs and death benefits)?

Although we are not allowed to recommend policies, if you need any general advice on insurance simply call a member of our friendly team on 01684 572 420 or email Avenue Veterinary Centre at

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