If you struggle to pay for your pet’s veterinary care PDSA PetAid could help you 


What is PDSA PetAid? 

The PDSA is an animal charity set up to help owners who cannot afford to pay for their pet’s veterinary care.

The charity provides a basic range of veterinary care, free of charge, to all domestic pets such as dogs, cats and small furries.

Do you qualify for PDSA PetAid?  

PDSA websiteIf you live within the postcode areas:

  • WR2
  • WR8
  • WR13
  • WR14

…and receive financial help with your housing costs either through housing benefit or council tax benefit. (Please note that only council tax benefit can be accepted. Other reductions in Council Tax e.g. single person discount, second adult rebate and council tax exemption do not qualify)

pets animals group collage for veterinary or petshop isolatedYou will qualify to receive help from the PDSA.

Only one pet per household may be registered and a donation to the PDSA is expected each time a pet requires treatment.

This is not the equivalent of an insurance policy as it provides basic veterinary care only and does not cover a number of costs, such as out of hours fees, referral to specialists and many laboratory tests. However, it provides peace of mind that should the need arise, a registered pet will receive more than enough free veterinary care to prevent it from suffering.

If you need any advice about PDSA PetAid, simply call a member of our friendly team on 01684 572 420 or email Avenue Veterinary Centre at info@avenue.vet.