Bringing cats to the vet even for just a simple annual vaccination can instill dread to many of us as owners!  So we want to discuss a few ways to try to make your cat’s visit less stressful, right from the beginning when still at home!

Tips for Travelling

  • Do not feed your cat for an hour or two before travel, as this will decrease the chance of travel sickness
  • Spray bedding/carrier with ‘Feliway’ spray an hour before travel – this gives time for the alcohol smell to dissipate before you need to put your cat into the carrier


‘Feliway’ is a synthetic pheromone, which imitates the ‘feline facial pheromone’.

What is a pheromone?

A chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect that affects the behaviour or physiology of other animals of the same species. So a cat pheromone will only affect other cats.

Cats naturally produce this pheromone when they feel relaxed/comfortable and use their cheeks to rub this undetectable ‘scent’ onto their surroundings. It helps to make them and other cats feel at ease with their surroundings.

We recommend using this spray on bedding and carriers an hour before travel so that your cats can feel as relaxed as possible during their journey.


  • Use a ‘top-loading’ carrier (pictured) if possible, as this means not having to force your cat head first into the doorway of a front opening carrier.  It also is easier for vets and nurses to get your cat out once in the consultation room if they are not willing to come out of their own accord.

cat basket open

  • When traveling, keep noise levels to a minimum i.e. no loud music!
  • On arrival, we can give you a Feliway sprayed towel to cover over your carrier and make them feel more secure while you wait for your appointment and if you would like we can help you put them on one of our cat shelves too because cats feel safer when up high
  • You are also welcome to keep your feline in the car and let us know you have arrived, we can then call you in from the car park when we are ready for you to come straight into the consulting room (bypassing the waiting room!)

We are aiming to make our practice more feline friendly for your feline companions!

We will be using the shelves on the far wall of the waiting room for cats to be placed within their carriers while waiting for appointments. Cats feel much safer when up high and will be able to relax away from any nosy canines in reception. We will have towels to cover the carriers so your cats aren’t stressed by each other, and we will spray these towels with ‘Feliway’ each morning to keep stress levels to a minimum.

shelves for cats

shelves for cats 2

Although some cats come from multi-cat households, unfamiliar cats in a new and stressful environment are very unlikely to get on, and keeping them from communicating between carriers is the best way to prevent any problems!

Alternatively, if you wish to leave your cat in your car until your appointment time, please pop in and let the receptionist know you have arrived. We will inform you when you can bring your cat straight in for their appointment.